Film Program

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Screening in Los Angeles July 14th 2017



Jiko Majesty & Solace Oakflower

An eco intimate experiencing ** come on in, the water's soft and murky.. gather rhythms | replenish relationships in surprising ways | pause, acknowledge | tease the soil | molecular inclusivity | containment is a shapeshifter | slimy between the knees

Azulum Sylph Ep2;The Pearl

Ev-Angelical & Bane Belladonna

A continuation of the blue path saga - A story of suspension - in order to gain one must give- go infinitely in ; Welcome to Priestess Pearls fantastical world of transmutational tease and torture - where Odina must succumb to her own psycho-sexual desires, confront her ego demons , and release control to the higher powers at be.

Brutal Bloom

Themba Alleyne & Genevieve Bellevea

2017 shot and edited by ATH.

The Spaces Between

Andre Shakti & Nikki Darling

Illustrate the multi-dimensional struggles that POC partners of white people endure on a regular basis, presenting them in a way that speaks to the adult industry and those who patronize and consume it.

Why Can't You Feel It

Cade & Joseph Atkinson

Under the reverie of psychedelics and digital filters, two existential non-binary forms fantasize over an almost tangible sci-fi scenario in which they are able to explore queer sexuality by switching bodies.


Holy Pistels

Brook Hsu & Abbe Findley

One thousand years into the future..."Holey Pistels" is a magnificent journey with M. Venture through the holes of the Pink Piercer. Get lost in the juicy and milky waves of Persephone. And land yourself in the Garden of Earthly Delights.


Angie Shen

"Freshness, package and consumption culture, concept of virginity. Convolution of discipline/love/pain/sacrifice."


Chico Malo

Clavel is the Spanish translation for the carnation flower. Red carnations symbolize masculine energy in magic. Starring Damien Moreau and directed by Mexican artist Chico Malo, the piece is an audiovisual spell about shared experiences of lost love, freedom and sex magick.


A is for Aliens

Cybee Bloss & Hilary Brashear

Once again, Spence and Em are receiving frightening texts from "A", a panoptical force that somehow knows all their secrets. However this time, A has something in store for them that will have them cumming back for more. A is for Aliens is an erotic fan fiction fantasy experiment, starring Emerald X-File and Kween Evil Shi.


You Thought it was a Fling

Gray Ellis

In flashes of mixed messaging you see me. In deep fantasy you will always be destroyed and destroying yourself, you will always be building. You will always be working and your world with be always be at risk. Relax into it. It's the best pleasure, overwhelm yourself with how you can create a new world.

Mirror Mirror

Lust Garden starring Cruel Valentine

Cruel is taking a self care day, lounging around in a black lace teddy and reading a surrealist novel. The writing is sensual and erotic, tapping into the depths of their ego and arousing them until they can't focus on the letters. In an ultimate act of vanity and self love, they jerk off in front of their own reflection until they come under the soft reading light.

Eros,All My Hoes,Pocky

Eva Wo

An captivating dreamscape of divine mystic witch Lucifer Rising taking a milky hot bath with herself in the futuristic steam computer. + A sexy music video compilation of video shot during professional erotic photoshoots with queer femmes and sex workers. + An intimate documentation of a luscious friend and lover's first time playing with a butt plug.


Casey Poehlein

Any Sex Will Do

Semaj Day

A delicate peak at queer romanticism and the beauty of bisexuality


Teabaggers Trial Version

Manuel Scheiwiller

Acrobatic sex film shoot on a weekend near Monte Verità in the Italian part of Switzerland. With Antonio Onio, Salvatore Vivianus, Daniel, Simon Speiser

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Director James Darling

A nasty hot femme4femme exploration of love and gunge in a time of corporate Amerikkkan sploshing starring T.S. Bunny and the girl.

Bitches In Black

Alice Cunt

Bitches in black or the funerary birthrights of a living dead girl, a persephonic trip into abysmal inevitabilities